Forget the Golden Rule!

I know – we all think it’s better to treat people like we want to be treated – but it’s not!!!! If we think about it – what if I don’t like how you are treating yourself? I have a better rule! We call it the Platinum Rule. I have a story for you. I loved my dad and I really wanted to please him growing up. Later on in life I would make him lunch. I like peanut butter and jelly – fairly ordinary. He – However; liked his peanut butter and banana – with baloney. He would light up when I would make it the way he wanted it. SO>>> the Platinum Rule is to treat people like they want to be treated.

Now this will take some time and effort on your part. I have been in training for 40 years with my lovely bride and it’s been a great time of learning. I promise – In any relationship if you follow the Platinum Rule – you will be golden!

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